Leaking Toilet & Shower & Tap & Bath 0791 7852384

Toilet unblocking and drains Lancing 07731 567595 Chris.

Hello my name is Chris Peters I have over 30 years experience in the plumbing & drainage industry and in all that time I have repaired a lot leaking toilets from cracked cisterns to a leaking joint on the toilet were the pipe work meets the ball valve filling ,as well as leaking over flow pipe also with toilets you can also get additional problems like a loud filling toilet due to faulty valves and washers and restrictions due to debris stuck in valves ,and toilets that are slow filling or not filling up what so ever.

Toilet unblocking and drains Lancing 07731 567595 Chris.

Leaking Waste Outlet On Toilet 0791 7852384 Chris

When it comes to a leaking waste fittings on a toilet some times it can be a quick adjustment of the multi quick or renewal if fitting,on some leaks it may require the whole toilet coming out due to no movement in waste pipe work to be able to take out faulty fitting and replace.

Leaking Garden Tap or Kitchen Bath & Basin And Repairs Installation/Install

I repair and renew and install kitchen / bath / basin taps from leaking pipes under the sink that join onto the tap,when it comes to repairing them I have repair lot of different type of models over the years and I have various sources of plumbing supplies to go to that all stock different types of tap fittings and parts.

I also install and repair leaks on garden taps.

Toilet unblocking and drains Lancing 07731 567595 Chris.

Leaking Bath Or Shower Repairs 0791 7852384

When it comes to tracing leaking baths and shower sometimes it needs a trained eye to spot the fault as I have been to lots of leaks that I have found very quickly due to my experience from leaking shower and bath sealants to faulty waste pipes and leaking shower cubicles or screens if you have a leak that you want fixed quickly please give me a call.

Toilet Tank Cistern Faulty Flush / Not Flushing

I have repaired lots of faulty flushing toilets from high level to close couple toilets repair washers in flushing mechanism (syphon) to renewing the flush syphon as well as leaking flush cones at the back of the toilet. I have changed all types of flush syphons from air pressure flush buttons as well as wire ones and pull handle.

Thank you for reading my details.

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Chris 0791 7852384.

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